There are a lot of hurting people in need within our community, and we believe we are called as God’s people to do something practical to meet those needs.

Here at Word of Life Church we have developed the Community Kitchen and Food Pantry. There are a lot of food pantries in the community doing good, but many of these simply shuffle people through as quickly as possible. It is our desire to build relationships with those coming to us. Food and basic resources are important, but we also want to offer the love of Jesus.


On the third Saturday of each month we open our doors from 8:00am to 12:00pm to anyone in the community who would like to come. There are no I.D. or income requirements, everyone gets blessed.

We have an amazing team of volunteers who cook up a hot and fresh breakfast consisting of eggs, meat, pancakes, fruit, and pastries. Individuals are welcome to as many servings as they want, we just ask that people don’t waste food. We provide nice, comfortable seating in the basement for people to enjoy their breakfast. While people are eating our volunteers do their best to encourage, build relationships, and offer prayer to whoever is interested. We also invite everyone who comes back to the church service the next day.

Anyone who has a need is also invited to utilize our fully stocked food pantry. Every month there is fresh produce, frozen food, dried goods, hygiene items, and much more available. No one walks out without several bags full of food and other great stuff. Our volunteers assist each person in getting the food and also in transporting it to their vehicles. Each month the Community Kitchen and Food Pantry serves on average 100 families, representing four hundred people, and also dishes up around 125 servings of breakfast. We love serving our community and we are always looking for more volunteers and partners to make this possible.


Our services reflect our mission through dynamic praise and worship, great fellowship, and preaching grounded in the Word. We welcome anyone to come visit and be a part of our church family. 


1804 7th Avenue
Rock Island, IL 61201


(309) 786-1100