Growth Track is our process to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Becoming a Christian takes only a moment, but becoming like Jesus takes a lifetime. Each section of our Growth Track is designed to help you better understand what it means to follow Jesus and how to do that successfully. These sections are divided into six teachings that each explain an important aspect of the Christian life. Check our calendar for teaching times or contact the church office for more information.

Who is Jesus?
– Creator
– Son
– Savior
– Healer

First Step
– Parable of the Soils
– Qualities of a Disciple
– Savior and Lord
– Dying to Self

The Basics
– God’s Word
– Prayer
– Community
– Service

Holy Spirit
– Who is He?
– Spirit Baptism
– The Fruit
– The Gifts

Life in the Church
– Water Baptism
– Worship
– Communion
– Giving

– Story and Vision
– Mission and Values
– Beliefs and Structure
– Becoming the Part