There are strong, capable women all throughout the Bible who helped change the world. At Word of Life Church we believe that God has a special purpose for your life and He wants you to do great things for His glory. Proverbs 31 shares an awesome example of what a godly woman can accomplish when Jesus is the center of her life. Every woman has an important role to play, with tremendous potential to serve the Lord is amazing ways and live a life that is fulfilling and overflowing with meaning.

At Word of Life Church we want all women to be empowered to be who they were created to be. We understand that the Bible offers a clear view of what feminism is meant to look like. Love is not a vulnerability, submission is not weakness, emotions are not liabilities, and beauty is not a tool. The first woman was designed as a help-mate, not a servant, but as a full fledged partner in overseeing God’s creation. Women are wired in a special way that allow them to do many important things at one time, but nothing is more important than a relationship with God.

Jesus intends women to walk through life together, helping each other to be the best wives, mothers, friends, leaders, and servants possible. Word of Life Women seeks to accomplish this in several ways. Once a month all ladies thirteen years and older are invited to attend Girl’s Night, a time of food, friendship, laughter and learning. There is delicious food (so you don’t have to cook), powerful teaching, deep discussion, and testimonies from women who have seen God do amazing things in their lives. There is also an annual Women’s Retreat in the spring that provides a chance for the women of our church to get away from the distractions of normal life to reconnect with God. Throughout the year there are several fun activities just for fun and laughs.

"There are strong, capable women all throughout the Bible who helped change the world."


Our services reflect our mission through dynamic praise and worship, great fellowship, and preaching grounded in the Word. We welcome anyone to come visit and be a part of our church family. 


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