Next Steps is a class for those who have been in church for awhile but want a deeper understanding of how to lives for Jesus. This class calls for a deeper level of commitment because it goes for 12 weeks. It meets on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00. This class also utilizes teaching and discussion for learning, but in addition, there are links to Youtube videos you can watch during the week to help you get a better grasp on the material. Here is a list of the topics covered:

Who is Jesus – Part 1
– He is the Creator
– He is the Son

Who is Jesus – Part 2
– He is our Savior
– He is our Healer

Following Jesus – Part 1
– The Parable of the Soils
– Qualities of a Disciple

Following Jesus – Part 2
– Savior vs. Lord
– Carrying Your Cross

The Basics of Devotion – Part 1
– Reading God’s Word
– Principles of Prayer

The Basics of Devotion – Part 2
– Living within Community
– Serving in the Church

The Holy Spirit – Part 1
– Who is He?
– The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit – Part 2
– What is Spirit Baptism?
– The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Life in the Church – Part 1
– Water Baptism
– Praise and Worship

Life in the Church – Part 2
– Communion
– Tithes and Offerings

Theology – Part 1
– Sin and Atonement
– Grace and Mercy

Theology – Part 2
– Justification and Sanctification
– Adopted as Children of God